We make high-quality

scientific imaging systems​


We specialize in deeply cooled, large format, low noise, scientific CCD & sCMOS cameras.


Flexible platforms provide affordable solutions without compromising on data quality.


Some challenges require truly custom development. When Lawrence Livermore’s

National Ignition Facility, needed a radiation and vacuum tolerant camera to monitor implosion shots, we found a way. Built from the ground up – The RVT100 is a great example of solving hard problems with novel solutions.

Custom Camera Design & Manufacturing

Think of Spectral Instruments as your partner if you need sensitivity and accuracy. We are the experts in custom CCD and sCMOS camera design and manufacturing.  Flexible imaging platforms can also be customized for your specific application at an affordable price.

Scientific Cameras made by World Renown Experts

Spectral Instruments was founded in 1993 to take scientific CCD technology to the next level. Spectral Instruments is managed by its founders, Gary Sims, Ph.D. and Keith Copeland. Dr. Sims is the author of numerous scientific publications and patents. Both Gary and Keith are recognized as industry leaders for their pioneering roles in the development of modern scientific detector technology. 

Cutting Edge Collaborations

Located in Optics Valley, Tucson AZ, we closely collaborate with diverse, passionate visionaries. 

Long standing partnerships with the University of Arizona, astronomical observatories and several high-tech organizations keep us on the cutting edge of optical and electro-optical technologies

Strategic Ventures

Spectral Instruments partnerships are focus on specialized industries and devices where high-quality scientific optical imaging systems are needed.