Legacy Cameras

800 Series

Replaced by the 1900S Platform

Thermoelectrically cooled (TEC) with 14 to 16-bit digitization. Offered in many configurations including multiple readout ports and a wide selection of CCD types.

850 Series

Replaced by the 1900S Platform

Sisters to the 800 models. 850’s were designed to give cryo-cooled performance with thermo electric cooling in a sealed head package. This series was restricted to CCDs in the 12 to 30-mm square size range.

900 Series

Replaced by the 1400 Platform

Low temperature, multi-CCD mosaic cameras designed for applications requiring very large imaging areas at very high resolution such as x-ray crystallography and astronomy. To learn more about the 1400 series, contact us, or visit https://www.rayonix.com/rayonix-products/

1000 Series

Replaced by the 1600S Platform

Designed to fit scientific performance from a TE cooled CCD in a small package. Applications requiring the combination of rapid read rates and low noise are suited for this type of camera. This is a medium format single-channel camera.

1100 Series

Replaced by the 1110S Platform

Accommodates some of the largest scientific CCDs available today in a cryo or thermoelectrically cooled dewar. Advanced electronics utilizing sixteen-bit digitization from up to four ports creates a camera with the lowest dark current and read noise available.